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About Us

We are a cloud computing software and infrastructure provider based in Germany with data center locations in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and Singapore.

We are driven by the impossible.
Our team combines strong technological competence with domain knowledge and many years of business experience. This enables us to create solutions for industries such as finance, automotive or industry 4.0.

We are authentic.
 We are fair - To each other, to our clients and to our partners.
 Each of us is a technology enthusiast - Our passion is what we do for a living.
 We always work together - Within our teams, we share our passion, knowledge and ideas.
 We believe that relationships are essential - People are always our top priority.

The vmmax Cloud Vision is to tackle the complexity of cloud computing systems by providing the necessary tools, experience, and platform that simplifies cloud computing to the extent that small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the advantages of cloud computing without in turn having to invest in IT resources that is required to manage and operate a cloud platform securely. We, the vmmax Team, don't see a great benefit of saving costs in one hand by moving to the cloud but investing in turn in to extensive cloud knowledge and certifications to operate their cloud platform with confidence. We want to make "simplistic" the new norm for any type of cloud computing to enable businesses for the future. "Simple" is our keyword to adapt successfully to a fast paced and rapidly changing IT operation and business environment.

We are providing a cloud system that is 100% private and dedicated to each customer and is 100% fully managed by vmmax Cloud engineers. Our data center locations in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and Singapore (very soon Mexico) are ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SSAE16/ISAE3402 certified and are 24/7 monitored and guarded with the latest Fire/Disaster security precautions installed. We are proud that our energy consumption in our data center locations is 70% Green through various local agreements. We aim to become 100% Green by 2025. Furthermore, we are leveraging Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Ionos, Contabo, and Zadara data center location and infrastructure agreements to provide a global availability for in house or external cloud nodes.

 Two Access Points for each data center
 System — proprietary overhead wiring system with multi-stage cable trusses
 Cross connects — single-mode fiber optic, multi-mode fiber optic (62.5 and 50 μm), CAT5, CAT6, CAT5 (T1), and CAT3 (POTS)
 Metro Connect Managed Ethernet — widens the selection and range for carriers and increases network availability in metropolitan areas worldwide
 Equinix Connect — automated network provisioning, multi-homing and metering of single-homed GigE and FastE, multi-homed GigE and FastE
 The Compute Engine's redundant InfiniBand networks extend across various building sections and fire compartments within a data center to minimize fire risks and ensure optimum protection for our customers' data

Here at vmmax, we value openness and honesty. That's why we meet every month to talk about what's going on in the company and what should happen. We don't have corporate procedures or complicated processes. You have a direct influence on what you work on and how you work. We do not impose artificial values, what counts for us is authenticity. We focus on partnership relations and a flat organizational structure. Furthermore, we're growing, dynamically; we have offices in Europe, and we work with the clients from all over the world. But that doesn't mean we don't like to have fun. We take integration at vmmax Cloud very seriously because we believe that a well-tuned team is essential. So, if you know cloud and/or information technology and think you can fit in, why not send us your resume to resume@vmmax.cloud

Our Team

looking forward to work with you

We are a family, literally, and we treat our customers, employees, and partners as family. We share your pain and success, we stay behind you in good and bad days.

We simply care about you!

Anil Korkut Jr.

Anil Korkut Jr.

Founder/Chief Execute Officer
Anil Korkut Sr.

Anil Korkut Sr.

Technology & Security Advisor
Canan Korkut

Canan Korkut

Data Protection Officer


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